The Post-Black Condition ~ A NYT Book Review

What It Means to Be Black Now
By Touré
Illustrated. 251 pp. Free Press. $25.

Taken from the NYT article:

Much has been written on the benefits that accrued to the generation of African-Americans reaping the rewards of the civil rights revolution. But we have heard surprisingly little from those in the post-civil-rights age about what these benefits have meant to them, and especially how they view themselves as black people in an America now led by a black president. In his new book, Touré’s aim is to provide an account of this “post-black” condition, one that emerged only in the 1980s but by the ’90s had become the “new black.”

Read the rest of Orlando Patterson’s book review here.

One thought on “The Post-Black Condition ~ A NYT Book Review

  1. Post-black or “new black”; it is long overdue. It is interesting to explore what this means for artists and performers, as Toure does in his book, but it will also be important to extend this exploration to the lives of ordinary black Americans. What does post-blackness mean to them? How are they living this out in their day-to-day lives? What complications are developing as result? Post-blackness isn’t just a fad; it is how we are living, so we’d better try to understand it and what it means.

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