My First Academic Book Article Publication

I think 2012 is off to a good start — just received notice that my article on the future of black public intellectuals has finally come out in Global Academe: Engaging Intellectual Discourse, edited by Silvia Nagy-Zekmi and Karyn Hollis. This will be my first academic article publication!

Here’s the link:

The representation of the economic, political, cultural and, more importantly, global interrelations between agents involved in the process of intellectual activity is at the core of the inquiry in this volume that scrutinizes a distinct transformation occurring in the modalities of intellectual production also detectable in the changing role of academics themselves. In our transitional era, due to a worldwide political and economic crisis since 2008, world powers are slowly shifting into different positions of authority making the debate concerning intellectual contributions to public discourse timelier than ever.


“Contesting Richard Posner’s neoliberal valorization of lawyers and politicians as the proper public intellectuals, and advancing Edward Said’s advocacy of humanistic academics as providing society a dissenting voice in conflicts with authority, Nagy-Zekmi and Hollis offer a stimulating collection of essays defending them as producers of knowledge rather than as teaching professionals who merely transmit it. In suggesting that digital media and the internet offer avenues for a transnational conversation with academics that has a chance of circumventing corporate-owned media, contributors to this important discussion provide a timely forum on the vibrancy of scholarship as a refreshing, disturbing, and necessary voice in the public forum.” –John C. Hawley, co-editor, The Postcolonial and the Global


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