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This was a hard book to write. Life imitating art imitating life & so forth. So far, poetry has been the main thing giving me life.

Description & praise:

In ways both forthright and nuanced, and with a nod to her African heritage, The Unmooring is a voyage into race and metaphysics, love and loss. Troubling the edges of identity and otherness, The Unmooring is a book that opens the floodgates of the self, revealing the various watershed moments that concurrently force us to enter what we are estranged from, and renounce the anchors we no longer need.

“Adebe’s poetics are indebted to the vast, endless range of her interlocking identities. The poet’s work is beautifully political, awesomely poignant, as it moves us to recognize Truth.” – George Elliott Clarke

“Adebe speaks to us through an ocean, suspending the reader in a paradoxical compression of intimate buoyancy. In The Unmooring the poet has salvaged and reconstructed a wisdom that plays as a fluid brea(d)th between knowings, identities, and shores.” – Liz Howard, Griffin Poetry Prize Winner

“The grace of thought borne in loss veils these works in suffused light and in the mirror of lyric necessity.” – Charles Bernstein

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