Ex Nihilo

The possibility that the present is a continued struggle against nihilism, marked by the will to create, offers important questions about identity and heritage: what does it mean to exist in the present? Out of what matter do we form our identities? How are we different now than in the past? And, finally, what “pasts” unite us, and which legacies might we still identify with, even if we never experienced them? Charged with the political, Ex Nihilo is a poetic text that considers how art can respond to the annihilation of particular identities struggling to exist in an impossibly post-racial world, framed against the possibility that art and identity are creations ex nihilo (Latin for “out of nothing”) whose immateriality allow us to engage in endless discursive creativity, as we travel and endlessly (re)create ourselves.

As part of the Dektet 2010 series, the manuscript of Ex Nihilo was chosen using a blind selection process by a jury of leading Canadian writers: bill bissett, George Elliot Clarke, and Alice Major.

“Ex Nihilo is a bold, beautiful, and timely collection of poetry. Deeply imbued with a rhythm as deep as Langston’s rivers, Adebe D.A. choreographs her words to dance on and off the page — her canvas. A remarkable remix of language and history, Ex Nihilo moves us to places we have not yet considered. A call to both thought and action, Adebe confronts and celebrates her polychromatism. She is a major voice of a new generation.”
— M.K. Asante, Jr.

“At once bristling and lyrical, intimate and political, Adebe’s persona in this courageous debut collection of poems vacillates between seemingly irreconcilable poses: artist and academic, activist and sensualist, innovator and traditionalist. As she confesses in the poem “Colour Lessons”, she’d like to be everything. Herein the reader will discover the richness of mixed legacies, competing voices, and the joys and burdens that come with them.”
— Priscila Uppal

“The poems delight in the play of line against idea in a vexed terrain of politics and feeling; history and the contemporary search here for new images. A poet of great promise.”
—Leslie Sanders

“Ex Nihilo troubles the waters of identity, opens the borders of literary precedence and official ‘canon’ and is straight from the hip. It is fierce, streetwise poetry, with ‘a beauty of incongruence.'”
—Anne Waldman

“These lyrics dare to ‘bring da noise’ – not only the funk and blues of race snafus, but also the exquisite soul sound of intellectual analysis, harmonizing rhythmic lines and gritty insights. They come from a woman who knows the intricate gradations connecting black skin to white, pop culture to academia, and links sophisticated analysis with the verve and drive of performance poetry.”
—Dektet Jury

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