Sea Change

Adebe DeRango-Adem
ISBN no. 978-0-9739231-5-5
44 pgs. / $5.00 / September 2007


Sea Change is a collection of poems that forays into a reading of the fluid space between experience and memory, clarity and tumult, reality and myth. The poems also chronicle the writer’s relationship to questions of love and distance, at times answerable only by a leap of faith. Adebe D.A.’s debut collection delves into notions of freedom often submerged in chaos, and the transformative potential of not looking back.

Praise for SEA CHANGE

“My favourite voice of [Adebe’s] is [her] unadulterated sincerity… not to be confused with anyone else.  The voice of blessing, marketed to the timeless.” — Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, Former Poet Laureate for the City of Toronto

“Not only does the author’s poetry flow seemingly effortlessly, her words also fill those hard to reach spaces in the reader’s psyche. Writing something from the soul is difficult under the best circumstances but writing personal experiences as poetry is daunting indeed. Chronicling a personal journey full of questions and longing, her poetry re-enacts what is most important to us in the realm of love and religion. Her personal journey to find the answers to those deep questions many of us hold in our dark spaces, Sea Change is full of fluidity and grace even when dealing with ugly material. Many people will eschew reading it simply because it isn’t as inviting as a novel, whose straightforward chapters are easy to read and understand. Her prose invites the reader to come into her home and sit down, tuck their feet under a blanket and sip a nice warm mug of tea as she breaks their emotions wide open and makes them weep. Each piece has something very definite to say and as a reader it is difficult to put the book down without feeling as if something has just happened within your own soul.” – Sarrah October Young,


Excerpt: “Wherever I Go”


you are

limitless and blinding
as night

it is not
that I see you
but that

you reside

in streams of rainsunlight
good weather bad weather
strange eyes

in streets
new and familiar

in all the poems
and sacrifice,

my sleep

leading to
no dreams

no longer capable
of washing

it is that you
do not wash away

from my skin, and I cannot
learn the lesson
let alone

these words
to a world with too much coupling
and unanswerables

that I must write them.

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  1. H Adebe,
    In spite of the fact that I am not very fond of English poetry, I loved your poem above. I like the lighthearted, short and quick beat. I also love the sea ;)… By the way I love Arabic poetry and write it too… Is your name Arabic (Lebanese)?

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