Equity/Sensitivity Reading

Representation matters matter more than ever. 

A sensitivity reader (also called an equity reader) is an editor who reads publishable work for instances of bias in the representation of traditionally marginalized people, and helps writers learn how to identify members of a group in non-biased/non-stereotyped/non-monolithic ways. 

In the case of creative writing, a sensitivity reader can help guide authors around how to create authentic, nuanced, fully-formed characters with complexities that “real world” people can relate to and empathize with, even if those characters may bear “unrealistic” qualities or “otherworldly,” fantastical traits. 

As a sensitivity/equity reader, I have worked with private clients and publishing houses (both indie and large-scale, such as Macmillan) on fiction and non-fiction, and continue to serve as an independent reader for organizational in-house style guides and related policy documents with an EDI focus.  

I identify as a Black/African descent woman (she/her) with various intersectional histories and life experiences of structural disadvantage. 

I serve as Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Adviser to Editors Canada, where I helped coordinate a list of EDI resources accessible here.

Finally, I am a published author of three books (and three more in the works) with an MA in English (African American literature).

Rates begin at $40/hour (with a sliding scale available to those who identify as economically disadvantaged). 

Note: I will not read works with gratuitous violence or abuse and reserve the right to pass on any project. All projects should be in a finalized state (edited and proofed). 

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