Editing Services


An efficient editor is a master of seeing both the big picture and the fine details. I am a professional editor & literary educator with a Master’s degree (English) whose skills in structural and stylistic editing will help connect you with your audience, depending on your needs.

My special strengths include:

+ assessing your editorial needs & communicating with empathy & respect
+ identifying structural problems without losing the feel of your unique voice
+ sensitive copy editing for consistency, clarity & correctness
+ working with poetry as well as non-fiction/scholarly work

Types of work I have edited include:

+ books (manuscripts, both fiction & non-fiction)
+ academic journal articles & theses
+ magazine & newspaper articles
+ website content & audio content (transcription)
+ keynote speeches & conference materials
+ resumes & cover letters
+ grant/funding applications & much more

Clients I’ve worked for include:

+ authors needing an editor for manuscript development
+ authors needing a proofreader and/or sensitivity reader
+ artists applying to grants or awards
+ academic presses, such as Oxford University Press
+ international students applying to higher education
+ institutions requiring help with editing official policies & procedures


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+ A member of the Editors’ Association of Canada / Association canadienne des réviseurs (where I also serve as the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Adviser)

+ A professional editor with over 10+ years of experience and published author (working on books #4 and #5)

+ MA in English, with an eye for clean, concise copy (and a heart that thrives from the creative exchange of ideas)

+ A lover of language & overall literary savant (who can type over 100 wpm)

+ A national spelling bee finalist (true story)


+ A new writer who would benefit from having an editor help structure their work

+ An established writer in need of a “second pair of eyes” to proofread their work

+ A “pretty good” writer who wants to become an EXCELLENT one


Short answer: YES ! Professional editors (especially those with publishing experience, such as yours truly) have the training, skills, and experience to understand the fine mechanics of language at the level of the line. 

A decent editor knows how to spell, read for consistency.

A great editor is all the above, with added expertise in a related field. They know what agents, employers, and publishers are really looking for, and can help you not only meet but exceed those standards.

If you’re self-publishing and want your book to stand out, I can also help you with that. A true editor should have a solid passion for sentences and words, and love the detective work involved in ensuring no typo is left unturned.


Please email me to discuss your budget, document(s), and type of editing help you need (types listed below):



+ careful editing of document (in any discipline) with particular attention paid to content (audience/medium/purpose), structure, word choice, style, overall organization & expression of ideas

+ comments/suggestions for expansion, cohesion, visual interest, readability, accessibility


+ careful editing of document (in any discipline) with particular attention paid to grammar, punctuation, and syntax, in accordance with your style guide of choice (APA, MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, etc.)

+ a visual check for formatting issues to ensure overall consistency, and to ensure textual/visual/typographical elements are used properly


Audio-to-Text Transcription
Price: $1/word (48-hour turnaround time)
+ producing an accurate, timely and printable text (Word) document based on your digital/audio recording

Beta Reading/Sensitivity Reading
Price: $.05/word (48-hour turnaround time)
+ a general read-through of your document from the perspective of a reader/audience member, with attention paid to both technical errors as well as cultural inaccuracies, representation issues, biases, stereotypes & problematic language

1:1 Consultation
Price: $60/hour (phone/Skype/Zoom)
Need to spruce up your syntax? Dignify your diction? Give your flow a touch of finesse? I am always happy to consult one-on-one with community members who aren’t sure where to begin. A one-on-one consultation is meant to help you plan, draft, and revise your writing in a more involved way, and includes a holistic review of your work-in-progress to assess strengths as well as areas for improvement (includes guaranteed availability for additional editing services).

Price: TBD (case-by-case basis)
I will always provide honest assessments of your work, which includes (constructive) methods for improvement. The kind of mentorship you need will depend on your personal goals/needs, but generally includes up to 3 months of weekly/bi-weekly phone calls (on your schedule) & up to 3 rounds of edits for your project. I am also happy to provide guidance around pitching your work and navigating the writing industry as a whole.

Many of my clients—ranging from full professors to first-year college students, authors both emerging and established—have benefited from my services, and gone on to earn competitive employment, internship, fellowship and research opportunities, as well as generous grants/funding in the arts.

Interested in any of these services? Send me an email: ADAEDITING@GMAIL.COM

FYI: What Editors Do/Don’t Do

It is my goal to have your manuscript in tip-top shape, but I am also a human being, not an autocorrecting machine. While I will not write your document for you, I am happy to work with your document in whatever stage of completion it is in.

An editor SHOULD: help you clean up your spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation, checking for inconsistencies or moments of unnecessary repetition.

An editor SHOULD NOT: write your document for you, thus destroying your original voice, or share your name/work with anyone. Your work is ALWAYS confidential.

Documents will be returned if incomplete, illegible or disorganized. Derogatory language or slurs will not be tolerated.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are your rates flexible? Rates are dependent on the length and complexity of a project. I will work with you to settle on a rate that suits both of us. Rush jobs (if you need a document editing right away/ASAP) will have higher rates. Email me for a quote: ADAEDITING@GMAIL.COM.

How do you accept payment? Electronically, via email transfer. Major projects will require a contract. I always issue an invoice once my services are complete.

I need someone to help me write my document. Can you help? All writing sent to me will be subject to evaluation for suitability in terms of completion and the scope of the request. In general, the document you send to me should be complete or near-completion. My job is to oversee the development and formatting of your piece, not direct its course by adding to the content. That said, I do work as a professional writer, so if you’re not sure how much writing help you need, email me and we can go from there.

Do I need to be fluent in English to send you my work? You should be able to communicate in basic English over email/by phone, but by no means are my clients all fluent or native speakers/writers. Many of my clients are international in scope. All levels of English proficiency are welcome!

Will you keep my work confidential? ALL documents and client communications are 100% CONFIDENTIAL. Phone/video calls are never recorded unless requested by you. Documents (original or revised) will never be shared, transmitted, or otherwise made available outside our direct communications.



“Adebe heard my unique voice and respected it throughout our time editing my journal of stories that later turned into my manuscript. She was amazing at providing professional help to determine both the strengths and weaknesses of my writing and supported me in reshaping my approach to speak and write more unapologetically. Her insight gave me a sense of hope and inspiration to see the bigger picture and the impact of writing about marginalized BIPOC voices at this particular moment in time (2020) which was exactly what I needed to get unstuck. I am proud to have finished my manuscript for my 2021 debut memoir.” 

— Curtis Carmichael, Writer,  Educator & Team Canada Athlete (Toronto, Canada)

“Adebe is a meticulous and thoughtful editor. She approached my work with care and deep consideration. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!”

— Dr. Minelle Mahtani, Associate Professor, Institute for Social Justice (University of British Columbia) 

“When I am putting together a manuscript, I need candid feedback from someone who values both correctness and creativity. Adebe respects the vision for every book and challenges the author to see further and more sensitively. She has edited two of my manuscripts thus far, and I look forward to our next collaboration!”

— Julia Gibson, Poet (Toronto, Canada)

“Adebe provides top-notch editing services consistently. She is also punctual — able to deliver even working on a tight deadline. I highly recommend Adebe and appreciate that she chooses to cooperate with us.”

— Ethan Zou Manager, HiOffer Consulting (Toronto, Canada)